We are so confident that The Attitude Box is the answer you are looking for, that if within 60 days of purchase you do not agree that maintaining control of your children is less stressful and that your children are gaining in self-esteem and control. Return the Attitude Box and unused supplies for a full refund of the purchase price  
Build Self-Esteem in Children

As parents and educators we want to train children with a full measure of self-esteem. Children’s inner picture of themselves are reflected by their feelings, their thoughts and their overall daily behavior. Self-esteem is critical for a person to be emotionally stable, to have the ability to have friendships, and to be happy and content in life. Under stress, parents often use negative attributes to describe their children or their children’s behavior or punish the child with degrading consequences. The child loses self-esteem which causes the child to see themselves negatively. They become as they see themselves. As parents, we need an aid that reduces our stress and gives us a tool that is constant when training our children.

The Attitude Box is that constant, that helping aid, that does not challenge children’s self-worth, but combats negative behavior. It does that by allowing children to bring themselves into accountability. No longer are the parent or the educator forced to bring children under control. The child brings him or herself under control and then is rewarded for the positive attitude that results. Rewarding correct thinking brings about more correct thinking. If you want help in building self-esteem, then a daily hands-on tool is what you need. The Attitude Box is the only tool available today that builds self-esteem while combating negative behavior. It is not something that tells you how to do the work. The Attitude Box does the work for you.

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